Our Project

Spirit Noir is a non-profit project written and developed by fans, a graphic novel based on Legacy of Kain. While we are focusing our best efforts, even a leisure project can always prove challenging and consume more time to prepare than initially expected - the deadline we aimed at went by as fast as a bullet-train. We learned our share from this and had to postpone.

At this moment we would rather not give a specific new launching date. However, please check back in the near future and you will be the first to know!

Spirit Noir, as an idea, has been around for about 10 years. Several pages of the comic have been available on the internet in the past - some commentors even remember them still, surprisingly. Time marches on however, and these outdated pieces will not be used in the relaunch. For us, the creators of the story and this website, this project is a heartfelt wish and we will give it our absolute best to see it completed at the quality we wish to deliver.

Thank you for your support!


04. 09. 2013

spiritnoir.com is back!

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