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Dragonflair (Guest), 24. 06. 2012

Comic? Please tell me you are going to upload the comic again? I remember many years ago stumbling across a few pages and it was awesome and now I have come looking for it again. I can't wait, I hope you are going to upload it because the series is awesome and so is your artwork! :)

Vandochas, 28. 06. 2012

Hello Dragonflair,

thank you for the praise, it is very much appreciated! You will not find the old pages here, but a reboot of the Spirit Noir series - now with three more very dedicated and talented people behind it! We are currently still in the production phase, but we're at it. Expect the publication of the first pages before fall, after which we will go into serial release every three weeks.

Thank you for your patience and for looking for the comic again! We promise to do our very best!

Kind regards,

Dragonflair (Guest), 01. 07. 2012

Thank you for the reply! I cannot wait to see what you are going to do! I will eagerly await the first part! :) Is there anywhere or any possibility of being able to view the old pages again at all? :)
Thanks again!

soulrelic616, 02. 07. 2012

Hello Dragonflair,

Thank you for the interest in the project! The old pages of Spirit Noir will be published at some point in the future as a bonus but as Vandochas mentioned we are concentrating in the creation of new ones. Keep in tune with the website to know the latest news! :)

Once again thank you for your interest and spread the word! ;)

Dragonflair (Guest), 02. 07. 2012

Ok! Thank you so much I can't wait and I will do my best! :D

Dubiel (Guest), 08. 07. 2012

Spirit Noir So I was wondering what Ber's forum signature was all about. And now I know :P

It's great to see this webcomic back, guys (and thanks for the interlinks!). Whenever it starts up proper, I'll be sure to add a few plugs on the LoK Wiki for you.

soulrelic616, 12. 07. 2012

Hi Dubiel!

Hehe, yes yes indeed my signature pic is a clue of what is coming - I'm glad you linked it with this site as intended!

We are still working hard to get the pages done and we should have updates soon - no problem about the links! As intended the Wiki has become one of the most reliable sources for the community and we couldn't not mention it here! Many thanks for giving us some links over there as well, I will keep the fanbase updated with this project.


Soraya7 (Guest), 19. 07. 2012

Interesting It's really interesting project. I'm waiting for upload.

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